Steps to an Empowering Divorce

Divorce is usually overwhelming, uncertain, and confusing. If not handled well the divorce process can be a recipe for disaster. How you handle your divorce will impact not only you, your spouse and children, but also your community of friends and family. By taking positive steps you can navigate the divorce in a way that supports and empowers you. In this blog posting Debra Synovec offers some recommendations to lead you to the finish line and to a healthier divorce. Slow down and breathe Exercise a businesslike approach Research process options Be educated about your finances Realize you are in charge Define goals and objectives Take good care of yourself Do not blame Build confidence Be r

Why Choose Mediation Over Litigation?

“I am going to take you to court!” Not so fast. Though going to court can be the answer you need to reach a divorce settlement, it is not the only answer. Despite how advantageous litigating your case may seem, going to trial should be considered a last resort after you have resolved all other alternatives. And there are alternatives, some of which are more effective than others. In this article Vikki Zeigler writes why the alternative dispute resolution she prefers most is mediation. Mediation takes place outside the courtroom. A neutral third party called a mediator listens to both sides and makes suggestions as to how the divorcing couple can find a solid middle ground. The mediator is fa

Family Mediation: The Best Practice for Parents And Their Children When The Marriage Is Over

What do people in business do when they’re facing a crisis? They ask, “What’s the best practice to follow in a situation like this? What do successful companies do?” As Howard Irving writes, our society would benefit greatly if divorcing parents could be convinced to ask, “What’s the best practice now that our marriage is over? What have others done in our situation? What dangers should we avoid? What path should we take?” Of course a marriage is not a business. Its end is more often marked by regret, anger, and revenge than by the ability to ask wise, logical questions. However, we in the West have had enough experience with divorce to know that there definitely is a best practice for divor

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