Co-Parenting vs. Parallel Parenting

There are two basic concepts that describe the way in which parents raise their children following a divorce. These approaches are significantly different, and in fact, are at opposite ends of the parenting spectrum. One approach is referred to as Cooperative Parenting and the other as Parallel Parenting. As Susan Ingram writes the determination of which approach will work best for a couple is based upon the specific personalities and circumstances of each family. As a basic guideline, the first thing that needs to be assessed is how well the parents are able to get along and communicate with each other. Cooperative Parenting (also referred to as Co-Parenting) This approach is best for paren

Same-Sex Divorce Complications

Two years after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages, some couples who decide to call it quits are discovering that getting married was the easy part. From divvying up assets to asserting parental rights, this CNBC blog posting talks about how the details of divorce that can be more clear-cut with heterosexual marriages are creating complications for same-sex couples. The landmark ruling also delivered marital legal protections afforded to heterosexual marriages, including rights related to medical decisions, certain tax benefits and access to employee benefits. Divorce is more complicated. The biggest sticking point often relates to when the marriage began, which can dictate

College Strategies for Divorced Families

When the college-age children of divorced families begin their journey out of the nest and onto the quad, the best gift to give them is the peace of mind that comes in knowing their foundation is still there. The last thing they want—as they’re preparing for their SATs, ACTs and writing their essays—is to worry about the conflict between mom and dad regarding which colleges they can think about, because mom and dad have not come to an agreement in advance. In this blog post, Lauren Behrman examines four of the most important issues to take into account for divorced (or soon-to-be divorced) families sending a child off to school: Timing, Choice of school, Visiting schools, and Financing Preve

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