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Five Tips To Get Ready For Divorce Mediation

The holidays are hectic, happy, stressful and busy all at once— especially for families going through or approaching a divorce. According to, U.S. divorce rates are highest from January to March each year. This could be due to stress caused by the holidays, financial issues with tax season approaching, or New Years resolutions that don’t involve staying in an unhappy relationship. Whether a legal separation is recent or on the horizon, preparation can be key in making the process as smooth as possible. In this excellent article Debra Synovec offers five tips to get ready for divorce mediation in the New Year:

  • Know what you want.

  • Get your finances in order.

  • Think of the kids.

  • Leave your ego behind.

  • Find the right mediator for you.

If you or someone you know could benefit from assistance in decision making during a divorce, contact Falmouth Mediation at 508-566-4159 for a free, no-obligation, private, confidential consultation. We will be happy to discuss the key details of your situation, address any concerns, and help you decide if divorce mediation would be beneficial.

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