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6 Tips To Help Children Of Divorce Coping With Change

Children of divorce do not have it easy. Even in amicable breakups, the effects of divorce on children can be substantial.

Research shows these children face numerous physical and mental health risks. Since the circumstances of every divorce are so unique, how divorce affects children will vary from child to child, but various studies show kids from divorced families are more likely to suffer health problems, have a higher risk of premature death, and tend to have more emotional and behavioral problems. Psychologists have generally found that children of divorce also are more likely to get divorced themselves later in life.

It is common for couples to try to stick it out and stay together solely for the sake of their children. While their intentions might be noble, this is never a good idea if your marriage is truly broken. Although these children, some studies suggest it actually is the amount of parental conflict they are exposed to that causes harm rather than the event of divorce itself.

Therefore, if you still feel divorce is your only option after considering all the ramifications it will have on your life, it is best to move forward with the process and focus on how you can help your kids through the transition. In this excellent blog posting, Shawn Garrison offers 6 tips to help children of divorce coping with change.

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