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7 Co-Parenting Communication Tips

It is a well-known fact that the life of a child with divorced parents is not the same as the life of those with parents who are still together. But the truth is, divorce happens much more often than in the past.

And during a divorce, it is the children who tend to suffer the most. This is why it’s the job of the parents to join forces and protect their children despite their differences and make this change bearable for their children. This, of course, is a challenge on its own.

People who go through life believing that co-parenting is simple can be mistaken. “People split for a reason and most of the time, communicating daily is torture to them. Still, children need a well-established communication between their parents – that is, if they want to raise them well and without deep psychological scars from the divorce,’’ explains Sam Torres, a psychology writer at edugeeksclub.com.

In this excellent blog posting, Audrey Lamp writes that "all that being said, co-parenting partners have it harder than parents who raise their children under one roof." This is a challenging process that can be made easier with Ms. Lamp's co-parenting communication tips:

  • Discuss Co-Parenting Before You Finalize the Divorce

  • Find the Best Way to Communicate with Your Ex

  • Minimize Conflict

  • Stop Bad-Mouthing Your Ex

  • Keep Your Focus on Your Children

  • Stop Trying to Control Your Ex

  • Use the “10-Second Rule”

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