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Talking to Your Kids About Divorce - The Most Difficult Conversation of All!

Challenging conversations can actually bring your family closer, as difficult conversations can be opportunities for growth. Talking to your children about difficult topics can demonstrate to them that you have their best interests at heart, that you are courageous enough to face problems and that they can rely on you for information and guidance. There are many difficult conversations we need to have with our children but informing the children you are getting divorced may be one of the most difficult of all.

In this excellent blog posting, Alyson Jones offers some excellent tips for talking to your children about divorce:

  • It is always best if both parents can tell the children together.

  • Give them an explanation.

  • Acknowledge that this is a sad day for the family.

  • Be honest about what will be changing and what will not be changing.

  • Let them know that a plan is in place.

Leading your children through changes in your family can build a deeper intimacy with your children. It is a real-life experience in which they can see you continue to do your job as a parent even under pressure. Our challenges and human vulnerability often connect us – and this can be the gift that emerges as your family changes and evolves.

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