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The Biggest Concerns When You Divorce Without Children

The end of any relationship causes emotional upheaval whether you have children or not. The road to the breakup is often fraught with anger, disappointment, grief, fear, betrayal, and more. Whether the relationship has been long or short, the breakup is a life crisis.

One can’t avoid the pain and loss in a divorce. However, if you don’t have children when you split you aren’t bound together by the need to raise children. You may simply go your separate ways and never see each other again.

In this Psychology Today article, Ann Gold Buscho writes that once a legal process has started, divorce professionals usually see the spouses’ financial concerns. It's usually all about the money: spousal support, division of assets, and often separate property issues. The heaviest burden in divorce is emotional, but the legal process is designed to untie the legal contract of marriage. When there are no children, it comes down to difficult conversations about finances.

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