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Your Fear: Will Getting A Divorce Become One Of Your Biggest Regrets?

Making a decision with no regrets isn’t always easy, especially when the decision you’re struggling to make is one that will affect the rest of your life. What’s more, many of the decisions that you will be facing as you go through your divorce can have lasting effects on your future.

For example, at some point in your divorce you’re going to have to decide how you want to divide up your assets and your debts. You’re going to have to decide what kind of parenting plan you want to put in place for your children. You’re going to have to decide what you will and won’t compromise on. (… because no matter what you decide, you’ve still got to negotiate to get what you want. Negotiation always involves compromise.)

In short, your divorce will force you to make all kinds of decisions large and small which will impact you and your children in some way for a long time.

If any of those decisions doesn’t turn out well, you may later regret your choice.

In this excellent blog posting Karen Covey offers five tips for avoiding regret:

  • Make Decisions Based on Your Goals and Values

  • Use Your Head, Your Heart, Your Gut and Your Soul

  • Use an Effective Decision-Making System

  • Get Control of Your Mindset

  • Get Help

Making divorce decisions isn’t easy. The stakes are high, the decisions are complex, and the emotions you feel often cloud your best judgment. Because of that, it’s not unusual for people to get stuck.

While getting stuck happens a lot, staying stuck can cost you dearly.

That’s because divorce is FULL of decisions. If you have a sound decision-making system in place, then facing those decisions isn’t nearly as scary or overwhelming as it is if you don’t.

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