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Are mediators in Massachusetts licensed?

While a person does not need a license to practice as a mediator in Massachusetts, mediators are required to meet minimum training requirements.  M.G.L. c. 233 sec. 23C defines a mediator as "... a person not a party to a dispute who enters into a written agreement with the parties to assist them in resolving their disputes and has completed at least thirty hours of training in mediation..."

It is critical that your mediator have the requisite expertise in the areas you require. I offer that guarantee.  I completed MWI's Thirty-Six Hour Mediation Training in 1997, as well as Cape Mediation's Twenty-Four Hour Advanced Court Practicum and MWI's Twenty-Four Hour Advanced Divorce Mediation Training.  Following over 25 years of conflict resolution expertise, I founded Falmouth Mediation to assist families and individuals in resolving conflicts and legal disputes.  I practice as a private mediator through Falmouth Mediation and MWI and through Cape Mediation in the Barnstable and Nantucket County Courts.

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