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"I found Alan to be extremely professional, completely unbiased, and knowledgeable.  He did an excellent job at walking us through the process, setting expectations, and providing a great deal of flexibility.  I found the mediation process with Alan to be very efficient, timely, and very cost effective." 


S.J. North Falmouth, MA


“My ‘ex’ and I were very impressed with the guidance and efficiency offered by Alan.   We were able to meet at times that were convenient for us, and the documents produced were flawless so that the rocky road we were going down didn't seem so rocky. 


We commend Alan for helping out couples like us who are going through a rough time, and for making such an experience less tragic, both financially and emotionally.  Thank you!” 


J.A., East Falmouth, MA


"My former Husband and I were both interested in achieving a fair resolution to the end of our marriage.  As a gay couple, we were unsure about trusting a non-gay person with intimate and financial details about ourselves.


Alan, with his complete non-judgmental attitude as Mediator helped us reach this goal by his thoughtful and thorough questions that we either had or had not considered.  


Under Alan's direction and guidance, our divorce was easily processed through the legal system by our own submission of the legal papers prepared by Alan, and by our appearance without lawyers before the Judge at our court date.  The cost was negligible in comparison to estimates we were quoted by divorce attorneys.


Our experience with Alan provided us with an equitable solution to splitting assets acquired before and during a long relationship.  Thank you, Alan.” 


C.K., Taunton, MA


“I deeply respect and admire Alan for his honesty, candor, decisiveness, sense of humor, and his attention to individuals’ needs. Alan has the innate ability to think “outside the box” and analyze a situation from various viewpoints. He would encourage critical thinking and illuminate ideas by asking thought-provoking questions. That style really brought out the best in us as there was a tremendous amount of respect and trust that guided us to make the right decisions and develop creative ways of solving issues.” 


K.L., Falmouth, MA


“We could not have done it without your assistance – we actually held hands through the entire divorce proceedings and the judge commented that he wished that all of his divorces went as well!” 


M.C., Sandwich, MA


 “Alan is resourceful, intelligent, and well-mannered, with a true professional affect. I highly recommend him to anyone.” 


D.C., Falmouth, MA


“From the very beginning, when I called you, you were clear and concise regarding what needed to be done, what the cost would be, and why, in our case, it made much more sense to go through mediation rather than through a lawyer, as it was an amicable divorce.


Each time we met with you, you were again, very clear and concise and made sure that we mutually understood everything that was being done, what we had to do, etc. You prepared us totally for our court hearing and it went as smoothly as you indicated it would. 


In the event of my knowledge of anyone seeking mediation, I would highly recommend you.  Your professionalism, demeanor and clarity were exemplary.” 


A.C., Rehoboth, MA


“Alan’s demeanor and knowledge made a difficult process easier and less painful. Initially we thought that we would handle everything ourselves. But, for a mortgage application my spouse needed documentation showing that a separation procedure was in progress. We asked Alan to assist. He guided us through procedures and paperwork, did the official paperwork promptly, and smoothed everything considerably. I’m glad we went to him and I’m grateful for his help."


S.M., Pocasett, MA


"Alan cost effectively helped us to negotiate a complex divorce settlement with minimal stress and waste. The result was an amicable agreement which left us on speaking terms rather than the hostility which normally ensues from a divorce. Thankfully, we were able to go on with our individual lives and continue to invest in our children's education rather than the children of several lawyers. Thank you, Alan"


E.C., East Falmouth, MA

"When my ex husband and I divorced, it was a mutual decision. There was no fighting and arguing over material items. We didn't want or need lawyers; we simply wanted someone knowledgeable, understanding, and neutral to guide us through the process.

Alan was all of those things and more. My divorce should make history for how smooth the process has gone with no issues. Alan ensured we were prepared, understood, and okay throughout the process. Not only was having a mediator more personable of a process, but the cost was also more reasonable and, unlike a lawyer, a mediator is more knowledgeable in a variety of areas that are a frequent concern in this situation. I highly recommend trying to use a mediator if you are in the process of divorce and I wouldn't use anyone but Alan Jacobs. Thank you Alan!"

K.M., Hyannis, MA


 "Alan, I just wanted to touch base and let you know how much your assistance was appreciated in our recent divorce mediation. I knew what we wanted to do, I saw your website and knew that mediation was the best way for us to go. You made the process very seamless and your knowledge to help guide us through the process was excellent. After just a few short visits you had the paperwork done and we were on are way. I couldn't believe how fast it all happened. I can't thank you enough and would highly recommend mediation with you without any hesitation."


M.J., Bourn, MA

What Clients Say

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