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What is the mediation process?

The mediation process begins with a free, no-obligation, private, confidential consultation.  After this conversation we jointly determine whether your case is appropriate for mediation with me.

If we all agree to proceed with the mediation we will sign an Agreement to Participate in Mediation.  Attached please find a copy of the Falmouth Mediation Agreement to Participate in Divorce Mediation.pdf and the Falmouth Mediation Fee Agreement.pdf.

Once the mediation begins, all parties will be present.  During the course of mediation, I will meet with the parties either together or individually as required.  Meeting times are flexible.


In the working sessions the particular area or areas of conflict will be determined.  I will objectively help you work out a solution that meets the needs of both parties.


The process can entail one session or it may require multiple sessions based on the needs of the parties.


You are free to consult with a lawyer or other advisor during the process.


If an agreement is reached, I will have the paperwork drawn up to present to the court for approval.  If approved by the judge, the agreements reached through mediation are then legally binding and enforceable.


Bear in mind that you are under no obligation to come to an agreement.  If the mediation does not resolve the dispute, the traditional approach of settling a conflict through the court system is still available.

Agreement to Participate in Divorce Mediation

Mediation Fee Agreement

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