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Alan Jacobs Divorce Mediator
Specializing in Divorce Mediation



The effective lock-down of the courts in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic does not need to deter couples who have been planning to resolve their divorce through divorce mediation. I offer teleconference and on-line video mediation to quickly and effectively start or continue the divorce process and resolve urgent financial and child-related issues resulting from the coronavirus crisis while the courts are closed.  Challenging issues such as visitation and parenting time and the impact of layoffs on financial support orders, including child support and alimony, can be resolved swiftly.  READ MORE

Let me help you protect your rights and tailor an agreement
specific to your family's needs while saving you time and money.
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Divorce Mediation
Alan Jacobs - Mediator
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The decision to get a divorce and the proceedings that follow can be emotionally—and financially—draining. When the initial decision is made, most believe their only option is to hire a lawyer and slug it out in court. However, there is a more civil, effective, and economically viable choice: Mediation

My goal is to help make divorce, one of the most difficult life transitions, an easier, more peaceful process for everyone involved.



I am a member of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators and the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation.


I currently assist families and individuals in resolving conflicts and legal disputes as a private mediator through Falmouth Mediation, MWI, and in the Barnstable and Nantucket County Courts with Cape Mediation.

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Download your FREE

"Guide to Navigating Your Successful Divorce."


This guide is designed to provide you and your spouse with sufficient information to understand your rights and make knowledgeable decisions, gather the information necessary to complete the divorce mediation process amicably, and obtain a 1A – No Fault, Uncontested - Divorce.

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What Clients Say

"I found Alan to be extremely professional, completely unbiased, and knowledgeable.  He did an excellent job at walking us through the process, setting expectations, and providing a great deal of flexibility.  I found the mediation process with Alan to be very efficient, timely, and very cost effective." 

S.J., North Falmouth


"Alan cost effectively helped us to negotiate a complex divorce settlement with minimal stress and waste. The result was an amicable agreement which left us on speaking terms rather than the hostility which normally ensues from a divorce. Thankfully, we were able to go on with our individual lives and continue to invest in our children's education rather than the children of several lawyers. Thank you, Alan" 

E.C., East Falmouth

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