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4 Reasons Not to Buy Something Big During Your Divorce

Are you going through a divorce and also thinking about making a big purchase?

Think again.

Here are four reasons why your big purchase could be a big mistake.

Will it belong to you?

Wouldn't it be terrible to go out and buy that new home, car, or boat, then find out that half of it belongs to your spouse? If you make a purchase before you’re legally divorced, it might be your spouse’s property, too.

If you must buy something big during your divorce, there are agreements you can enter into with your spouse that will ensure that what you buy belongs solely to you.

Loans can be tricky

You'll probably need to get a loan to make your big purchase, and a divorce can make this really complicated. For example, if you’re buying a house while you’re still married, then your spouse may be required to sign the mortgage contract.

And because your financial situation is in limbo, it may be tough to get a loan at all. Lenders know that you soon may be ordered to pay child support or alimony or that your bank account may be divided. That makes lending to you risky.

But it might be even worse if they actually give you the loan. If the court suddenly orders you to make large payments to your spouse, then you could end up underwater.

You might not be thinking straight

The stress of a divorce affects your ability to make decisions. And that’s another reason why you shouldn’t make big purchases.

In the time crunch of a divorce, you may rush into a purchase without thinking it through. In the effort to start your life over and redefine yourself, you may buy something that you’ll regret later.

So sit back, reflect, and if you must buy something, run it by someone you can trust first.

How will it look to the court?

If you’re in a dispute over child support or alimony, a big purchase could decrease your chances of winning.

How can you tell the court that you can’t afford to make monthly alimony payments when you just bought a fancy new boat or car?

That’s right, you can’t.

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