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7 Tips for Co-parenting With a Challenging, Narcissistic, or High-Conflict Ex

While co-parenting is a great opportunity for children to spend time with both parents – to feel it’s okay to be loved by both of their parents – there are some circumstances that make it problematic. For instance, it can be a challenge if you have a high-conflict ex who thrives on conflict, has a difficult personality, or a personality disorder.

In this excellent blog posting Terry Gaspard offers 7 tips for co-parenting with a challenging or high-conflict ex:

  • Do set a positive example for your child.

  • Do keep your child’s best interests in mind.

  • Do remember the only thing you can control: your behavior!

  • Do limit contact and set boundaries with your ex.

  • Do be careful not to admit wrongdoing, especially in writing, since this might be used against you.

  • Do make a parenting plan a top priority.

  • Do seek support from counselors, mediators, or other helping professionals.

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