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7 Ways to Help Minimize the Financial Impact of Divorce

When the journey of marriage ends, and the divorce process begins, your finances will change. Here are some considerations to help lessen the impact.

Divorce is an unfortunate reality for many of us, which can take an emotional and financial toll, especially when lawyers and court dates become the way forward. If you can work together upfront to understand what each partner is asking for and identify any gaps that may exist, the easier — and less costly — the resolution may be.

This excellent blog posting offers some things to think about as you begin your divorce process:

1. Prioritize logic and facts over emotions

2. Reframe

  • It’s not a competition

  • Focus on resolution

  • Keep the peace

3. Work with your spouse

4. Prioritize, then compromise

5. Take the pen where possible

6. Mediation over litigation

7. Tax implications

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