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Addressing Post-Divorce Child Custody Issues During the COVID-19 Crisis

Whether you recently got divorced or have been sharing custody of your children with your ex-spouse for several years, it is likely that the coronavirus pandemic has affected your situation. Even if you or those close to you have not been infected, you may have struggled to maintain consistent routines while following stay-at-home orders and social distancing requirements. Since COVID-19 cases are still occurring throughout the United States, these issues will continue to play a major role in your lives in the near future.

There are a wide variety of child custody issues during COVID-19 that may require you to reexamine your child custody agreements and determine whether any modifications need to be made. Due to the closure of schools and child care facilities, you may have already made some adjustments to your schedules to ensure that your children are being cared for. You may have also needed to address issues related to the loss of employment, changing work schedules, or working at home. 

Even though you may have intended the changes you have made to be temporary, continuing concerns related to the pandemic may have led you to consider whether more permanent solutions will be necessary. In some cases, this may be somewhat difficult, since many courts have closed or are operating at limited capacity. However, by working with a a mediator like myself, you can review your options and determine the steps you can take to address your family’s ongoing needs, both in the near future and in the months and years to come

In this excellent blog posting, Sean Sullivan offers tips on how to address child custody issues during COVID-19 including maintaining safety, modifying child custody and visitation, and addressing child support and financial issues.

Many families are currently dealing with difficulties related to the coronavirus pandemic. Even though you may be under a great deal of stress, you will want to do everything you can to protect your children’s safety and ensure that their needs are being met. By working together as co-parents, you and your ex-spouse can do what is necessary to provide for your children’s best interests.

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