• Alan Jacobs

After Your Divorce Is Finalized, What’s Next?

The judge has signed off and you are officially divorced. Whether the process was quick or drawn out, contentious or amenable, exhausting or empowering, it was almost certainly emotional and you can now release that pent-up sigh of relief. But hold on a minute, because you haven’t reached the finish line quite yet. While the experience varies from couple to couple and individual to individual, there are probably still important action items on your list. Of course, every situation is unique, but, in this excellent blog posting, Katie Marsden offers the following common financial items to think about after your divorce is finalized.

  • Dividing/Transferring Assets

  • New Accounts

  • Review Your Cashflow and Budget

  • Rename Beneficiaries

  • Revisit Insurance Coverage

  • Take a Fresh Look at Your Tax Situation

  • Update Your Estate Plan

  • Redesign Your Future

  • Review with Your Team

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