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Creating a Perfect Parenting Plan in 6 Steps

At the start, divorce feels like a win/lose situation. One parent may seem to have it all on paper, while the other struggles to make ends meet. On the flip side, the parent who seemingly has it all finds that they have little time to spend with their kids, while the other parent is with them all the time.

Whether or not this example speaks to your situation, finding a balance between family life, your child's best interests, your emotions, and everything else is essential to every family when creating a perfect parenting plan. Many points must be considered when crafting the parenting plan that will work best for your family, from schedules and holidays to finances and communication. While your situation may call for you to consider points particular to your situation and call for additional steps, this excellent blog posting outlines six basic steps that will be a great help for any parent to consider in creating the perfect parenting plan.

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