• Alan Jacobs

Divorce Myths

When you’re going through a divorce you will have to make more major life decisions than you will at almost any other time in your life. If you make those decisions based on false information (i.e. based on “divorce myths”) you will probably make bad decisions.

Bad decisions lead to bad outcomes.

In divorce, bad decisions also cost you time, money and a huge amount of heartache. That’s why being able to separate fact from fiction is so important in divorce.

In this excellent blog posting, Karen Covey debunks some of the biggest divorce myths floating around today.

1. The Divorce System is Fair

2. The Judge Will Rule in My Favor

3. Assets in a Divorce are Divided 50/50.

4. Children Can Choose Which Parent They Want to Live With.

5. Divorce is Primarily a Legal Problem.

6. Custody of the Children Always Goes to the Mom.

7. I’ll Get More if My Spouse Cheated on Me.

8. I Can Stop My Spouse From Divorcing Me.

9. I Don’t Have to Let My Ex See the Kids if S/He Doesn’t Pay Child Support.

10. If I Don’t Like My Divorce Settlement, I Can Change it Later.

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