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Have These Documents Ready as Your Attorney Preps for Your Divorce

Before the divorce process begins, you will need to provide information about your marriage and the official documentation attached to it. These will include income tax returns and proof of income related to marital debt, assets, property valuations, etc. Your spouse might make claims to a mediator or in divorce court, but documents can prove whether they are being truthful. So, you need to provide any documents that tell the story of what has happened in your marriage financially and in any other way.

As this excellent article explains, it’s important that you provide a complete and very organized file with all documents to your attorney or mediator, which will help the negotiation stage of the divorce. "Divorce is one of the greatest upheavals you will ever experience in your life," says former divorce lawyer Brette Sember. "Because the process is so overwhelming, anything you can do to stay organized with paperwork, financial matters, and legal documentation will help you move more smoothly through the process. It will also help you feel in control and potentially save you money on legal fees since you are able to provide exactly what your attorney needs." Plus, if you go to court, the more organized and complete your document file is, the more supporting evidence you will have for your case.

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