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How To Continue Raising Your Kids Happily After Divorce

Raising happy kids is one of the most difficult experiences that separated couples face. How do you assure your kids that they are loved and that they are not to blame for the divorce? Besides, the psychological trauma that kids face during and after divorce leaves them in worry and fear that their remaining parent might walk out on them too.

As two separate studies show, 20% of children whose parents separated do not do well in school, social situations and they are at a higher risk of depression and other health issues. But there is a silver lining on how divorce may affect your kids. The studies also show that 80% of children of divorce adjust well, and their grades, social life, and emotional health do not suffer permanent damaging effects.

The difference between the two outcomes? Children thrive when their parents are cooperating and getting along with each other.

According to Parents, what hurts kids is the conflict that comes with divorce, and not really the divorce itself. In this excellent blog posting, Simon Brooks writes about how can you continue raising your kids happily after divorce.

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