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How to Sell Your Home Amicably During Divorce

If getting a home prepped and ready to sell is a challenge normally, it can seem nearly unachievable during a divorce. Monica O’Neal, a Boston-based clinical psychologist and relationship expert, said, “The selling of homes during divorces comes up quite a bit. The home is emblematic of loss of marriage or feeling of helplessness."

In this excellent article, Megan Johnson offers a number of key things to keep in mind if you’re considering selling your home during a divorce:

  • Align your goals.

  • Timing is everything.

  • Settle on the maintenance.

  • The agent matters.

  • Understand the tax implications.

  • Your agent is not your friend.

  • Your children can handle moving.

  • Do not use the house as leverage.

  • Focus on the future.

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