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Make Parent-Child Communication A Top Priority After Divorce

It’s no secret. One of the biggest challenges a parent faces after divorce is having healthy communication with your children. All parents struggle with communication issues as their children grow. However, children who have had their lives dramatically altered by separation or divorce need even more attention. And diligent observation by their parents.

Children tend not to tell you when they are angry, resentful, confused, hurt or depressed. Instead they reflect their problems through their behavior. Often that means acting out or perhaps turning inward in ways you hadn’t experienced prior to the divorce.

That’s why you must do all you can to encourage positive and productive communication between you and your children. It’s easy to overlook what can seem to be obvious bonding behaviors. Or to forget to pay attention amid the challenges you are juggling in your own life on a daily basis.

However, this is crucially important: Take time to see the world through your children’s eyes before making any decisions. That process alone will help you to better meet their needs. Equally important, you’ll be better prepared to understand their confusion, sadness or aggression. And that will support you in finding appropriate ways to dissolve tension through your conversations and caring behaviors.

In this excellent blog posting, Rosalind Sedacca offers some useful tips for improving your communication efforts

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