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Mediation Helps Establish Good Communication Practices for After a Divorce

There are many benefits associated with using mediation for your divorce. It helps you get through the process more efficiently while also saving you a great deal of money and providing you with control over the outcome of your divorce.

But the benefits of mediation don’t end when you have your final divorce decree. Some of its benefits extend beyond the divorce and into co-parenting or post-divorce communication.

Here are a few ways in which mediation helps establish good communication practices.

  • It promotes respectful communication: If you are going to need to continue speaking to your ex regularly after your divorce for purposes of communication about children or other issues, it is critical you learn how to do so respectfully. Using explosive or inflammatory language can negatively affect your ability to coordinate important custody-related issues. Practicing respectful language and tone can carry over into your everyday communications after your divorce.

  • It encourages compromise: There are going to be issues you will confront while co-parenting that require compromise. Mediation teaches healthy strategies for negotiation and compromise that you can utilize on your own when these issues arise.

  • It gives you problem-solving precedent: Mediation can help you build confidence in your ability to communicate and solve problems with your ex. After all, if you’re able to work through the large, emotion-laden issues of a divorce, surely you can tackle other issues together while raising children. Don’t underestimate that momentum and precedent!

Mediation benefits its participants in many ways that can translate into better post-divorce communications. For more information about what to expect out of the mediation process, please contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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