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Understanding Your Stepchild and Building Trust

While no two stepchildren will have the same response or emotional reaction to a stepparent entering their life, one thing is certain, as a stepparent, you’re most likely an “outsider” who needs to win over their respect and trust gradually. In this excellent blog posting, Terry Gaspard writes that it’s essential that you try your best to understand your stepchild’s perspective. Try to give him or her a sense of permanence by being consistent and understanding.

That said, do everything within your power to be an adult friend who might be an asset because you’re helpful and a good partner to their parent. Gaspard writes that, first of all, you must decide how you will fit into the family and not allow yourself to feel easily rejected by your stepchild. Children tend to give unconditional love to their biological parents and they may not even realize it when they’re leaving you out. Gaspard offers 7 strategies on understanding your stepchild which will help you weather the rough times and to be a supportive stepparent.

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