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Virtual Court Hearings: 15 Simple Tips for Success in Zoom Court

As the global pandemic drags on, courts across the country have had to adapt. Many courts have now started conducting virtual court hearings, and even virtual trials. While these virtual “Zoom Courts” have kept our justice system moving, they have also created new challenges for lawyers and clients alike.

In some ways our new “virtual normal” has its benefits. You now can attend your court hearing without having to worry about driving, parking, getting through court security, or even wearing pants.

On the other hand, having to deal with technology and new procedures can make your court appearance now more stressful than ever.

Since virtual court hearings are probably not going away any time soon, learning how to manage the technology is a must for anyone who has a case in court today.

In this excellent blog posting, Karen Covy offers 15 simple tips that will help make your zoom hearing go smoothly.

  • Make Sure You Have A Reliable Computer and a Good Internet Connection.

  • Download and Run Zoom BEFORE the Day Of Your Virtual Hearing.

  • Use Your Real Name to Login.

  • If Your Internet Goes Down, Call In.

  • Pay Attention to Your Background!

  • Be Careful with Virtual Backgrounds.

  • Pay Attention to Your Lighting!

  • Pay Attention to Sound!

  • Position Your Camera Carefully.

  • Dress Appropriately!

  • Practice Good Zoom Etiquette.

  • Don’t Talk Over Anyone.

  • Don’t Chat!

  • Don’t Record the Hearing.

  • Be Careful Using Breakout Rooms.

Technology can be intimidating. It can also be liberating.

No one knows how long “Zoom court” will be part of our reality. Chances are though, now that courts across the country are getting used to handling cases virtually, they will keep handling some parts of them virtually moving forward.

The convenience that online court hearings provide is just too great to give it up completely.

So whether you’re in the middle of a court case now, or you think you may be part of one in the future, mastering court video conferencing just makes sense. Once you do, you’ll not only be able to manage your virtual court case, you’ll be able to maximize the benefits that appearing in court online provides.

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