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What to Do When Your Spouse Hires a High Conflict Divorce Attorney

When facing a divorce, dealing with the legal and emotional complexities can be overwhelming. This difficulty often amplifies when your spouse hires a high conflict divorce attorney, turning what should be a process of resolution into a contentious battleground.

High conflict lawyers are known for their aggressive and combative approach, which can lead to escalated tension and conflict during an already stressful time.

While this situation can seem daunting, remember you are not powerless. There are effective strategies that can help you navigate this turbulent scenario effectively and maintain control over your case. These methods focus on defusing the hostility often brought by an aggressive opposing counsel and keeping the proceedings as productive and as cost-effective as possible.

This excellent article delves into understanding the typical approach of a contentious lawyer, discuss a powerful technique for dealing with this high conflict scenario, and outline why it’s crucial not to engage in every provocation brought forward.

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