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One Voice for Equality and Peace Through Justice

The Academy of Professional Family Mediators

We, the Academy of Professional Family Mediators, urge people everywhere to unite in one voice for equality and to take action towards a genuine national peace that can only be established through justice for every person. 

In one voice for equality, The Academy of Professional Family Mediators supports all African American citizens and stands united with the peaceful protestors who honor the memory of George Floyd, the most recent victim of the long-standing problem of systemic racism in America. 

In one voice for equality, we acknowledge that meaningful resolution to racism requires that oppressors change their understanding, their beliefs, their attitudes, their emotions, and their behaviors that go against advancing justice for each and every citizen. 

In one voice for equality, and as American citizens, we take responsibility for promoting an end to the inappropriate use of violence by law enforcement against minorities, and for ensuring equal justice under the law for all. 

While, as professional family mediators, we inherently believe in the value of compromise, there is no compromising the need to end systemic racism in our civil society. There is no compromise for victims of oppression and discrimination. We speak in one voice for equality with all peaceful protestors.

We encourage each citizen of America to take whatever personal action, within their means, to promote our collective goal for justice. This includes speaking out boldly against each instance of injustice that you may encounter, whether it involves a personal acquaintance or an elected official. This includes seeking any and all opportunities for the resolution of conflict in peaceful and non-violent ways. 

We must all be mindful of the fact that, right now, we are living in a history-making time, with the current crises providing a profound opportunity for meaningful societal change in its values, structures, and actions. Right now, more than ever, Silence is Compliance. 

In sharp contrast, our collective voice for equality is power.  Let us use our collective power for the important changes that need to occur. We are all in this together, and we must speak in one voice for equality. Please join us!

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