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How To Help Your Kids Through a Divorce

Dissolving a marriage takes an emotional toll on everyone involved, including (and especially) the children. In this excellent blog posting, Roseann Vanella writes that kids react in a number of ways to divorce, depending on their age, personality, and the specific family dynamics and circumstances. Initially, the reaction is often one of shock, anger, worry, fear, sadness, frustration, uncertainty and similar emotions. Over time, most kids learn to adjust to their new reality, but there are sure to be some ups and downs during the adjustment period.

To help kids cope with the divorce, it is important to be proactive early in the process. Try to understand what your children are going through, and be sensitive about their feelings. Here are some other steps parents can take to help children more easily adjust to their new circumstances:

  • Break the News Together

  • Keep the Routines of the Children as Consistent as Possible

  • Do NOT Argue in Front of the Children

  • Do NOT Speak Negatively of the Other Parent

  • Stay Involved in the Lives of your Children

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