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How Long Does Divorce Mediation Take?

How long is this going to take? When can we get this over with? Often, those are two of the first questions clients ask. When people are in distress, they want to know two things:

That it will end.

When it will end.

In this excellent blog posting, Rachel Alexander writes that mediation truncates the divorce process by, among other things:

  • Not involving the court until absolutely necessary;

  • Circumventing the back and forth between attorneys; and the ensuing back and forth between attorney and client relaying the conversations between the attorneys;

  • Facilitating a direct negotiation between the parties;

  • Beginning with the end in mind and focusing throughout on creating a settlement agreement;

  • Avoiding lengthy proceedings to act out all the inequities of the marriage;

  • Bypassing procedural impediments that are unrelated to the substantive issues and unrelated to an eventual settlement.

How long does mediation take? As long as you need. As long as is necessary. As compact or deliberate as you make it.

If you or someone you know could benefit from assistance in decision making during a divorce, contact Falmouth Mediation at 508-566-4159 for a free, no-obligation, private, confidential consultation. We will be happy to discuss the key details of your situation, address any concerns, and help you decide if divorce mediation would be beneficial.

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