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How to Take Charge of Your Divorce Process

Your spouse just demanded a divorce. What is the first thing you should do in the divorce process? The knee-jerk reaction for most people is to call a lawyer. In most cases, that is not the best answer.

In this article, Virginia Colin writes the first thing to do is manage your own emotions. If you are angry, be angry, but be careful not to let your anger contribute to a hostile, scary environment for your kids to live in.

Next, educate yourself. Learning about your options for what comes next may have a calming effect as you discover that you can have some control over what happens.

If you just hire a lawyer to handle everything for you, everything is likely to take a long time, and you are likely to spend a huge amount of money to get divorced. If you and your spouse work with a professional family mediator, you can probably settle everything much faster at much lower emotional and financial costs. Your divorce is part of your life. You will feel better if you take charge of it.

If you or someone you know could benefit from assistance in decision making during a divorce, contact Falmouth Mediation at 508-566-4159 for a free, no-obligation, private, confidential consultation. We will be happy to discuss the key details of your situation, address any concerns, and help you decide if divorce mediation would be beneficial.

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