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The Positive Ripple Effects of a Successful Divorce Mediation

Picture this: a couple comes together to resolve their divorce issues with a divorce mediator. This results in successful divorce mediation. The couple reaches a fair, equitable agreement that they both can live with.

On its face, it is easy to see some immediate benefits provided by the divorce mediation process. The couple saved a significant amount of money by not litigating. In addition, they took control by jointly determining their own settlement terms. They chose not to have a judge who hardly knows them make decisions for them and their family.

The above being said, there are also many positive ripple effects that can result after the couple reaches an agreement in mediation. These positive ripple effects can benefit the couple and their children for years to come.

1. Mediation helps promote communication between the parties.

A mediator helps a divorcing couple learn how to communicate with each other in their “new normal” divorce environment. Divorce issues are discussed together. Solutions are figured out together. This is different than the litigation process where communication between spouses can be non-existent, as most items are discussed through the attorneys.

2. Children can benefit from witnessing their parents being respectful and civil to each other after the divorce.

The process of working together in mediation helps the parties learn how to be civil and not disparage each other. One of the goals of mediation is to resolve divorce issues so the parties can move forward with their lives. Parties understand that if they have children together, those children will always be their common denominator.

3. Mediation can enforce the couple’s commitment to work together in the years to come.

Successful divorce mediation can give the parties the confidence that they will be able to resolve future issues together. This can also save them money. Through divorce mediation, they learn that sitting back and blaming each other does not resolve the issues. It is not uncommon for a couple attending divorce mediation to agree that they will try to resolve future issues in mediation instead of running to the courthouse. This solidifies their commitment to work together in the future and can save both parties a lot of money that they would have otherwise spent fighting in court.

4. The privacy of mediation can help avoid gossip during and after the divorce.

Third-party “know-it-alls” love to gossip and tell nasty stories about other people’s divorces. This gossip can go on not only during the divorce process but also for years after the divorce. The divorce mediation process can put a lid on this and keep the divorcing couple’s “stories” private. Divorce issues discussed in mediation occur outside of court in a private, confidential setting. There are no public displays, no fighting in court, and no airing of dirty laundry for all to see.

The divorcing couple in divorce mediation can keep a low profile. They can maintain their dignity and respect as they resolve their divorce issues in a civil, respectful and private manner. This could help avoid the possibility of disseminating nasty stories about a party’s divorce both during the divorce and in the years to come.

These are just a few of the many benefits of successful divorce mediation. If you are interested in saving money, time, and stress associated with going through litigation, mediation may just be the perfect option for you.

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