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The Children’s Bill of Rights in Divorce

I agree wholeheartedly with Robert Emory that divorced parents still must fulfill their responsibilities to their kids, and children should have rights in divorced families.

In this excellent blog posting Robert offers his "Children’s Bill of Rights in Divorce." If you can give your children these freedoms, you will have gone a long way toward filling your responsibilities as a parent.

Every child whose parents divorce has:

  • The right to love and be loved by both of your parents without feeling guilt or disapproval.

  • The right to be protected from your parents’ anger with each other.

  • The right to be kept out of the middle of your parents’ conflict, including the right not to pick sides, carry messages, or hear complaints about the other parent.

  • The right not to have to choose one of your parents over the other.

  • The right not to have to be responsible for the burden of either of your parents’ emotional problems.

  • The right to know well in advance about important changes that will affect your life; for example, when one of your parents is going to move or get remarried.

  • The right to reasonable financial support during your childhood and through your college years.

  • The right to have feelings, to express your feelings, and to have both parents listen to how you feel.

  • The right to have a life that is a close as possible to what it would have been if your parents stayed together.

  • The right to be a kid.

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